Follow these steps to grow your account in instagram

1. Giving “likes” to other people's posts If you give likes in the posts of other users, they will start to notice your profile. This will cause them to check your account, and if they like it, they will start following you. This will also give you the possibility to receive the "likes" back. If this happend your posts can appear in other profiles.
2. Leave comments Leaving positive comments on other users' posts can make them empathize with you. Make sure you do not put fake or salamander comments. Try to leave a comment that sounds genuine and other users will take you seriously.
3. Try to use some services that help you to grow your account There are many services designed to help people with comercial Instagram profiles to increase their followers. You can try with Speedygram, a service that helps you increase the interactions of your profile (Likes, Follow, UnFollow), to gain real followers.